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Private Events

Quick Details

  • Availability: Specific times & dates scheduled

  • Prices: Vary, Starting at $50 one way per cart. $100 half hour per cart. $200/hour per cart. 

  • Gratuity: Tips are not required, but appreciated.

  • Pet Friendly

Complete that special event by arriving and being picked up in style!


      Whether a wedding, work convention, or special event, Explore Tours will make your experience one of a kind. We are flexible and personable to work with and help plan what works best for your needs.

Please e-mail us with details, so that we can provide appropriate quotes. Be sure to include dates, times, number of passengers, event, special requests, name and contact information.

 $200 per hour; per vehicle

$100 per half hour; per vehicle

$50 one way per vehicle

Prices vary  depending on how many vehicles & hours you will need. 


Thanks! Message sent.

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Private Events

Complete that special event by arriving and being picked up in style! Weddings, conventions, and special events, Explore Tours will make sure your experience is smooth and on time.

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