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Historical Tour


An extensive and educational tour of St. Augustine. Explore the cultural events that made St. Augustine a key component in world History! Find out where to wine & dine, and things to do while you visit and EXPLORE!



Nights Of Lights Tours

Nightly; 11/24 - 01/31

Personable tour of the holiday light display with a twist of history! Venture down the smaller streets off the beaten path which display beautiful holiday decorations at the famous bed & breakfasts! Holiday glasses will be available for a unique viewing experience!



Paranormal Tours

10/26, 10/31, 11/02

Come tour the paranormal side of St. Augustine and hear the stories about those who linger in the night!  Stay alert by the St. Francis Inn B&B and catch a glimpse of Lilly causing mischievous pranks on the 3rd floor. Venture into La Plaza de la Constitución and see what more awaits... 




Explore Tours and Pickups

    Whether a group is looking for an extensive and educational tour of the city's historic sites, or just a quick ride from point A to point B, Explore Tours and Pickups has options to fit different needs and budgets. Explore Tours is perfect for visitors who want to get from one end of town to the other quickly, as well as for visitors who wish to see the sights and learn more about St. Augustine's history. We can also help with transportation for a variety of special events, including weddings, business trips, family reunions, and other celebrations like bachelorette parties. For those who want to linger and learn more about the city we offer personable tours! Book now or contact us if you want to schedule!

More Activities

Private Events

Scheduled in advance

    Complete that special event by arriving and being picked up in style! Whether a wedding, pick-up/drop off, work convention, or special events, Explore Tours will make your experience one of a kind. 



PickUp Service

Daily & Nightly

Safe and reliable rides from point a to b in the downtown area.

*Please be advised, that due to traffic and high volume of guests during the weekends of Nights Of Lights, wait times and availability will be affected*